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We're excited to be the newest, most innovative iMR approved vendor for all of your direct marketing needs.  We've been producing winners for dealerships for over 20 years, and we are proud to now offer you the best mail products in the world.


This is the best turn-key solution I've ever experienced from any iMR vendor." 

Bruce Miller
Best Chevrolet

Package Features

Every lead funnels through our predictive analysis software an ability to buy score and predictive in-the market score.

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Predictive Lead Scoring

Every campaign comes with extra digital horsepower.  Our email, MMS and silent messaging platforms increase reach and frequency on every campaign.  

Printing Plus Digital

Our agents answer every call and schedule appointments 72% of the time.  Every response is captured and reported in real-time.

Live Call Center


The lead scoring on the responses helped us prioritize new prospects.  The extra knowledge helped us convert more buyers."

Steve Silverio
Gordon Chevrolet

Being car guys makes a difference. 
These guys know how to sell cars."

Troy Duhon
Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park

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9x12 Bifold
"Summer Drive"

Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir

9x12 Trifold Diecut
"Find New Roads"

Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir

Letter with Card
"Payment Exchange"

Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir

9x12 Postcard
"Truck Edition"

Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir

We have an extensive library of iMR turnkey creatives ready to launch.